The words my letters describe

Sometimes in life, you are the metaphorical rock that keeps someone steady.
They will never ask.
It’s a silent understanding.
You are there, strong and solemn.
Intact and whole while their surface cracks and crumbles.
With every trouble, with every worry,
their heartache becomes your own.
Crashing into you like waves in the sea.
You brace your self with appeasing grace;
welcoming each tide as if it were spring rain.

But like every rock, stone weathers over time.
You’d never know it unless you take a closer look.
This time the metaphorical rock is weathering on the inside.
Every wave soaks deep.
Every rain drop splashes into a puddle that has formed on the hollowed inside.
With every breath, it’s hard not to drown.
But you are stone.
Stone will survive.
Stone will endure.
And every day brings a new sun.
A sun to create warmth that flows through to ease every gasp.
Evaporating what once was, to make room for what will be.
Leaving the secret hollow with enough hope to keep from caving in.

Drawing is one of the best ways for me to clear my mind.
I can just channel what is on my mind and heart by turning it into a drawing,
sometimes even a little poem to go with it.
All I need is music that fits my mood, a quiet place, my sketch pad and pencil.
Sometimes, like tonight, it turns into something pretty good.
Others, it could have been better.

I don’t have a way with words,
but I do have a way with lines,
and passion.

There is almost no other better remedy.


the stars and colors you see when you rub your eyes

“I felt a tremendous distance between me and everything real.”

– Hunter S. Thompson

If a picture could describe how I feel..this is it

Ty and I decided that together, we are so great that we must be superheroes. Oh yes, we are that super.(;

He is Darth Mustachio with powers of teleporting and telekinesis, and I am Lord Mustachington with the powers of invisibility and flying.

So epic.

I love my friend(:

i wish you were here to hold me close
kiss me softly and never let go.

when you are gone something is missing
it leaves me lonely with time i spend on reminiscing.

nothing compares to being together
all is made right when im with you.

all it takes is your touch, those words, that look
to make me fall over and over and over in love with you.

words can never fully describe the feelings that swell up inside
when i think of your smile or your ocean eyes.

ill spend the rest of my life
letting you know all the reasons why you mean so much to me
and all the feelings that you give me that make this life worth living.

Take Me There

I’m here to listen

All you have to do is let me in.

I know you don’t know where to start,

And you don’t know where to begin;

But just trust in me,

I’ll keep you from falling.

Show me your depth

Don’t be afraid.

I’ll hold your hand, now

Here we go.

This is it.

Don’t say no.

Don’t back out,

I’m here with you.

Even after the end.

Show me the world inside you,

There is so much to discover.

Let me be the one your heart lets uncover.